Leaving her was the hardest thing I ever did

Lifeforce (1985)
, directed by Tobe Hooper
Col. Tom Carlsen
(Steve Railsback) leads his crew on the space shuttle Churchill on a mission to investigate the tail of Halley's Comet. In the cone of the comet they find a 150 mile long spaceship. The crew see their chance and enters the spaceship where they find heaps of frozen/dead bat-like creatures and also three humanoids (one female, two males) encased in crystal-like containers. They decide to take the humanoids and one of the bat-like-things back to the ship and start their journey back to earth. Thirty days go by and no ones heard anything from the Churchill, a new shuttle is sent up on a rescue mission to investigate. They find that the entire ship is totally gutted by fire, everything except for the three cases with the humanoids, which they bring back with them to London.

Best movie about space vampires you'll ever see! No but seriously, this is actually a good movie. It even has a bit of a zombie-thing to it, and Amanda May does a great job playing the 'vampire queen' even though she's completely nude most of the time. 

Peace out//

Postat av: Fexxe

Shit vilken film!

Vart kan jag ladda ner den?

Så sjuka filmer från 80-talet och electro-house är din grej eller?

Samlar du på filmerna på original VHS-band i en fin bokhylla eller räcker det att ladda ner dom i datorn? Jag älskar nördar och samlare, själv samlar jag på flygblad och tidningar från kristna sekter.

2009-12-17 @ 09:21:56
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Postat av: Rex


haha något sånt :) har mest blivit dator men skulle vilja etablera en samling, bara att vissa filmer är rätt svåra att få tag på osv. -.- iö samlar jag lite halft på tv-spel!

2009-12-17 @ 10:56:17
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