Please don't play any country music, watch Brainscan!

Todays tip is the very underestimated movie Brainscan, (1994).
Michael (a young Edward Furlong) is a 16-year old video-gaming horror fanatic, whos mother died when he was a kid in a car crash that left him with a limp. His father is never home and he has only one friend, Kyle. One day he finds an ad in Fangoria about a new game called Brainscan, a VR horror game that is so real it'll chill your blood etc. Michael's a bit sceptic but calls the company anyway and soon he gets his (apparently free?) copy of it. In the game you're a murderer. Michael tries it out, the following day he finds severed foot in the fridge..

I saw this movie for the first time when I was about 10 or something, but I still think today that it holds up really well! It's fun and disturbing at the same time, and overall it's a great and well directed movie. If you havn't seen it, do so, if you have, just watch it again!

- What was that you were watching, Mr. Brower? 
-  "Death, Death, Death... 
- "Death, Death, Death..."
- ...Part 2"//

Postat av: Anonym

brainscan was awesome! i just watched it again after not having seen it for years and years. the cheese has aged nicely!

2009-12-14 @ 21:02:10


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