Cherry Darling

Cherry 2000
, (1987)
It's the year 2017, romance is in the past and has been replaced by robots (either that or you can buy company/'favours' etc. from women at special bars). One day businessman Sam Treadwell's robotic wife, model Cherry 2000, breaks down and there's no way she can be repaired. The only thing that could be saved was her memory chip, so, Treadwell goes on a search for an exact duplicate in which the memory chip can be installed. He hires tracker E.Johnson to guide him across the dangerous apocalyptic wasteland ('the Zone') that he'll need to cross to get to the old manufacturing plant, his only hope in finding a rare little Cherry like the one he had.
Charming, fun and cheesy goodness with Melanie Griffith - before she had her face cut up.

- You guys want some sandwiches? 
- Lester's dead.
- Well, no sandwiches for him.

Peace out//

Postat av: The Lone Gungirl

Oh my god! I've wondered for so many years now what the hell that movie was called! I saw it on TV when I was a kid and I thought the bit in the beginning with the hamburger was hilarious, but I can't remember the rest of the movie so well, but that one scene with the hamburger got stuck :') Heck yes I'm gonna watch this movie again sometime! :D

2009-11-22 @ 20:28:17
Postat av: If you're into it

It's great when you remind people about things they forgotten about! Watch it! ^^

2009-11-23 @ 06:15:29
Postat av: Fexxe

Din blogg fyller upp ett tomrum i internet, den fyller i alla fall upp ett tomrum i mej. Den här filmen vill jag också se. Tack!

2009-12-17 @ 09:36:20
Postat av: Rex

Tack själv för den fina kommentaren, sånt som motiverar en!

2009-12-17 @ 10:58:45


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