Lady Ace to Jack Flack. Do you read me?

Cloak & Dagger, (1984)
The story revolves around an overimaginative boy named Davey who has an imaginary friend called Jack Flack, a character from a spy game that he loves. Daveys mother died not too long ago and his father is quite abscent and just wants him to grow up and let go of his spy-nonsens. One day Davey witnesses an actual murder of an FBI agent, who slips him a Cloak & Dagger video cartridge right before dying. He tries to tell his father about it but of course he wont believe him. With Jack Flack by his side Davey has to deal with the bad guys himself.
I loved this movie as a kid and re-watched it not too long ago and I must say that I still kinda do. My only real complaint is Daveys friend Kim, I just find her mere presence annoying, just look at her:

But don't let her scare you off, if you think this might be something you're into, watch it. And remember, Jack Flack always escapes.

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