Who the fuck is HAEZER?

Well, HAEZER is a producer from South-Africa that I've been planning to make an entry about for quite some time now. I actually came across his music quite randomly a couple of months ago, I think it might even have been randomly browsing on youtube of all places. His sound is a mix with hints of a lot of things, but most of all I would say it's frickin dirty-ass electro of goodness, just the way I like it.

Dash over to his myspace and show some love etc.

Live long and prosper//

Postat av: The Lone Gungirl

Oh snap I love that second song! I´m gonna listen to it loud and clear tomorrow when I can crank the volume up. Btw, have you heard Geneva Jacuzzi already? I bet you have but if you haven´t, then do it! Just heard her stuff today and it´s frickin' beautiful!

2009-11-09 @ 00:18:13


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