Disco is dead

DEAD DISCO DRIVERS, another masked duo hits the stage!
I'm finding it quite funny that you can almost decide just from hearing the music if people are sporting masks or not, there's just something in the sound, or maybe I'm just gifted. Anyways, these two awesome guys are from Belgium, have a listen and enjoy!

If you like it you can find some tunes through here, and don't forget to show them some love!

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Postat av: The Lone Gungirl

Now that you mention it there is a certain sound to artists/duos that wear masks, it's often a kinda raw and hard vibe to their music in my opinion anyways. I wonder if FCKN Crew wear masks tho, they certainly should if I want to get my equation through, CARNAGE FFS! ^^

Btw, I loved Danger Ride by DDD, or the beginning of it anyways. Youtube fucked up so I haven´t been able to listen it through, but I'm sure it's marvellous!

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2009-10-22 @ 21:00:14


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