I feel that by now this guy doesn't need an introduction, yep, it's none other than Danger, who's back with a new great track, have a listen:

Cred to Tobias over at dödselectro for putting this awesome video together.
And here's a teaser for Danger's 3rd EP:

So. Awesome. Can't wait to hear more! The EP is being released on vinyle january 25th and then as digital february 1st.
Oh and just in case you forgot, here's a link to his myspace for the twentyleventh time ;)


Postat av: The Lone Gungirl

Oh. My. God. That was the best teaservideo I've ever seen! That video really hit every "do want" nerve in my body! And the video Tobias made with Terminator to 4h30, fuckin' excellent! They fit just perfect for one another and really made me wanna see Terminator again.. and again.

2010-01-15 @ 20:18:06


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