It's OK, everybody, it's all right. He has tits.

Just one of the guys
, (1985)
About Terry, who is an aspiring journalist. She submits an article into a competition held by the school where the winner gets a summerjob at a real newspaper. It gets rejected. Thinking she's a real hot shot she goes to see her teacher about this and refuses to take his explanation to why it was rejected, no, it must have something to do with her gender since her article about The school cafeteria's food selection was fantastic. So, she dresses up as a boy to resubmit the article at a neighbouring high school. Since the new school doesn't seem to require any registration information she easily blends in as Terrance. But, surprise surprise, Terrance article gets rejected as well!
Dressed to impress (in her brothers clothes) at the new school a new article shall be made.

Joyce Hyser does an excellent job as Terry, she actually looks quite good as a guy. Although her body seems to be getting some weird sort of tick-action going on when she's Terrance that, at least I, havn't seen in any guys (nor girls for that matter). Unless they're very special. Ehr, anyways, this is a funny and quite charming movie with heaps of sweet 80's fashion and music, quirky characters (alien-geek duo, reptile boy etc.). Oh and her brother Buddy is a disturbing pervert. But nevermind him, watch it!

- You were in the boys' locker room? 
- Yes! 
- Can I be your younger brother?

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Postat av: crypt

i remember seeing this movie when i was really young and being like wtf! i dont think i saw the whole thing and missed the entire plot.

right now im watchin monster squad circa 1987. not sure if its somewhere on your blog, but its so rad. up next is gleaming the cube, another classic.


2010-01-06 @ 07:19:27
Postat av: Rex

:D yeah the wtf'ness is mostly because of her brother though! :S

it is: ;) great movie, loved it as a kid and still do! actually re-watched gleaming the cube not too long ago as well, awesome.

2010-01-07 @ 04:09:41


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