The way forward is sometimes the way back

, (1986)
Sarah is an imaginative, but immature and quite bratty, teen. One night she's left to babysit her stepbrother, Toby. All he does is scream and cry so when she fails to calm him down she wishes him away to the Goblin king. Her wish comes true and Toby gets taken away to the Goblin kingdom. If she can manage to navigate her way through a massive labyrinth in less than thirteen hours she will get her brother back, if not he becomes one of the Goblins.

Labyrinth is a fantasy story which is both colorful and also quite dark at the same time, and there's more to it than meets the eye (one thing almost quite.. disturbing, if you've seen it you probably know what I'm referring to). David Bowie is fantastic as the Goblin king Jareth in way too revealing pants, and Sarah is played by a young Jennifer Connelly. With it's set design, quirky characters and song and dance numbers this movie is both fun and quite charming. Watch it!

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