Been oh so busy lately, but hey better late than never right?
So here you go, one italodisco mixtape as promised, enjoy!:

download: (Italo)discokatze

Domina - You got my soul
Fun fun - Happy station
Hipnosis - Pulstar
Miko Mission - Toc, toc, toc
Silent circle - Touch in the night
Brian Ice - Tokyo
Raff - Self control
Proxyon - Voyage home
Proxyon - Beyond the future
Rygar - Space raiders
Koto - Jabdah
Radiorama - So I know
Lee Marrow - Sayonara

Peace out yo//

Postat av: mot

im really....really... happy to have found your blog

2010-05-06 @ 05:24:41
Postat av: Rex Fortune

I'm really....really.... happy to hear that :)

2010-05-07 @ 14:00:36
URL: http://ifyoureintoit.blogg.se/
Postat av: Gio

My half Italian stirs in me! Thanks Sandra !

2010-05-07 @ 14:12:01


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