Slice me nice - business classy glamour party

for you who can't wait until may; I've recieved the honour to dj at
slice me nice - business classy glamour party the 21st of feb at nalen club, superexcited! ^^ it's gonna be a glamouros evening in pure yuppie spirit and I'll make sure to play some fantastic italo as well as some awesome space ofc so make sure not to miss out! here's an old mix to get you excited, wether it's for 
Slice me nice , STHLM ITALO DISCO PARTY -15 or well, just getting excited and dancing around at home! ^^ hope you're into it:
you're my disco mixtape (if you like it you still have a chance to download it! :))
hope to see you there! ^^ <3


our amazing poster for STHLM ITALO DISCO PARTY -15 is now done! ^^ and we've already sold almost a third of our tickets! crazy! don't miss out on this amazing event with a once in a lifetime line-up, it's going to be such an awesome weekend aaah can't wait!! :D (and don't forget that we will also ofc have some amazing dj's as well! myself aka discokatze included ofc ;) heh)
 if you want to you can also support us by liking us on facebook or buying one of our awesome tees or a totebag here (more new designs to come shortly!) :)
see you in may! <3


my baby STHLM ITALO DISCO PARTY is going all in this year!
Held here in Stockholm, Sweden.
We'll be open from 18-02 both days!

Vince 'Scotch' Lancini
Stefano Brignoli/Brand Image
Annie Anner

Linda Jo Rizzo
Ken Laszlo

DJ Galliano
Sadomasodisco, (
Slice me nice
(more tba)
you can buy your tickets here :)
(you will also be able to buy 1-day tickets soon)

hope to see you in may! <3 ^^
over and out//

They said that breaking up was hard to do, but not for someone quite as cold as you


And all my world was only you my love

My very talented friend Kristian Conde (havin fun @ Sthlm Italo Disco Party on the picture) most known for the italo-classic Dolce vita, has now together with TQ made a new reload version of it! Check it out:
and that's not the only thing he's been up to lately. Earlier this year he released a new maxi-single: Forbidden Game/It's a Dream (links below).
He was also recently on tour with DJ Ian Nguyen in several countries where he performed with both TQ and Linda Jo Rizzo (one of my personal favorites). 
And on top of all that, he was still kind enough to squeeze in a visit to Sweden to support my baby: STHLM ITALO DISCO PARTY
Go show him some love and like him on facebook <3

Check out Forbidden Game+It´s a Dream:
Over and out//

I like to dream of you and never wake up


Almost time!

Just in case anyone have happened to have miss or, lord have mercy, forgotten about this amazing event, it's almost time! I'm super stressed out but too excited too care, been wanting to do this kind of event for as long as I can remember and now it's finally happening! ^^ Dj Herman can't be there because of personal reasons which is really sad, but instead we'll have the super talented Peet Neet! Be there or be square, not many of the limited 2-day tickets left so grab one while you can! At Nalen Klubb on friday us dj's will be pumping out the best italodisco to make you dance like never before and on saturday all of our amazing artists will perform (and also some dj'ing from all of us that night as well!) for only 375sek you get entry both days and for 295sek just saturday,
buy your tickets here .
You can also look good and support us at the same time by buying one of our awesome t-shirts

...or you can just like us on facebook
more info about the event here
Hope to see you all at Nalen, gonna be a frickin awesome weekend of awesomeness! ^^
Over and out// Discokatze/Sadomasodisco <3

Are you afraid to meet a lonely night?


Baby come back to you

Reality, hits you like a burning desire


It's knocking and I can't stop

C'c'c'c'come on


Sthlm Italo Disco Party
There's a void in the Swedish club scene and it's about time that we fill it, with the 2-day festival Sthlm Italo Disco Party! On Friday we’ll have a club night at Nalen Klubb where our passionated DJ’s will fill the dancefloor with everything from classic italo-hits to unknown rarities, and also some retrowave and nudisco. On Saturday we will have several classic artists from the 80s and also some new talents at Nalen, amongst others Brian Ice, Fred Ventura and Tobias Bernstrup. The festival will be held at Nalen on February 14-15th 2014. So come and celebrate Valentines weekend with us and a lot of italo, dance and love!

DJ Galliano (
DJ Discokatze (
DJ Herman D
DJ Svartin

Brian Ice
Fred Ventura
Albert One
Tobias Bernstrup
Amaya vs. Neon Game
+ DJ’s

Brian Ice (Italy)
Fabrizio Rizzolo made success in the 80's under the alias Brian Ice and scored many hits such as Talking To The Night, Over Again and Tokyo.
He also wrote songs for other artists and continued to compose and produce eurodance etc in the 90's, both under the name Brian Ice and for others.

Fred Ventura (Italy)
Fred Ventura is one of the true heavyweights in italo Disco with 30 years as an active artist, both under his own name and as a vocalist in other projects. The last decade his career has reached another level and Fred Ventura has been frequently engaged as a vocalist in exciting collaborations with among others I-F, Alden Tyrell, Jupiter Black and swedish Sally Shapiro. As one half of the duo Italoconnection, he is constantly spoiling us with own material as well as high quality remixes for other artists.

Albert One (Italy)
Alberto Campari made his breaktrough in 1983 under the alias Jock Hattle but then became more famous as Albert One, with hits as Secrets, Heart on Fire, For your love and Turbo Diesel.
Since then he has worked as a solo artist, vocalist for other projects, musician, producer and DJ and is also the man behind names as Malcolm and the bad Girls, The Fashion, Paul Sharada, Funny Twins and Clock On 5.

Tobias Bernstrup (Sweden)
Tobias Bernstrup has lead the swedish italo scene since the late 90’s and is currently working on his 4th album. He mixes italo and other electronic music. When performing live he also uses video art, inspired by computer games and science fiction, and androgynous stage performances. Tobias Bernstrup has achieved cult status in Mexico and has worked with artists such as Saralunden, Trans-X and Martial Cantered.

ItaLove (Sweden)
ItaLove have quickly established themselves as one of Sweden's hottest names in italo disco. Their feeling for strong tracks, complemented with colorful videos, has made them popular at clubs and radio stations all over the world.
This past year ItaLove have released the maxi singles Strangers In The Night, L'amour and Follow Me To Mexico and are currently working on their first album.

Amaya and Neon Game (Spain)
Amaia and Joan from Spain, aka Amaya and Neon game, have both their own solo projects but are at the same time working together. With the support of Flashback Records they have released some great tracks with a genuine 80’s feel, among others Amayas track 'Sensation' and Neon Games 'Eh, oh! (another version).

Tickets will be available September 26th at, and there will be only a limited amount of 2-day tickets available so make sure to get yours for this amazing weekend!

For contact and further questions, please mail us at

You don't love me but I love you

Be mine, oh please be mine tonight




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