A little bit of energon and a lot of luck

Ugh, my head is about to implode, so todays musictip is going to be a bit floaty... and very 80s.

Tada: Futurecop! are 26 year -old Manzur Qbal and Peter Caroll. Their music is dreamy-totally80's-synth-pop.
And need I say that it's totally awesome. My writingskills are not really coping with me atm, so I'll just end this and let you listen for yourselves, you can find their songs over here and also listen to a couple of them on spotify (I really recommend As seen on tv, a bit of a personal favorite).
Oh, and also check out their myspace. And play the song below every morning when you wake up. And dance. And... that's about it.

Über und raus//

Je suis en vie à mort la mort jusqu'ici!

I must say I've never been that much of a Yelle-fan, it just feels like there's always something missing in her music. But some of the remixes people have made from her music is just pure awesomeness.
For instance Tepr's remix of A cause des garçons. But that's not the remix I was going to write about today. The true remix of awesomeness in this post is the one Rolf Honey made of Tristesse joie. I know this song isn't all that new or anything, but I myself actually kinda missed it until just a couple of months ago, so I thought, maybe someone else did as well, but not anymore!
You can find the song over here, oh and here's an awesome video to it as well.

Also check out Rolf Honey's myspace: http://www.myspace.com/rolfhoney

Über und raus//

A lil' ol' introduction

Hello stranger.
My plans for this blog is mainly to write about and post good - no wait - great music (above all electro house and similar), but I think I'll also come to include movies and maybe even some video-games.
Well, I think that's a wrap for as far as the introduction goes..

Über und raus

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