You should not drink and bake

Hope you've all had a good christmas, today I have a mixtape for you!
I made this just for fun quite some time ago and just dusted it off the other day. So I thought I'd might as well post it, since it's christmas and all ;) so without further delay, here's Discokatzes (feat. Mark Kaminsky) raw deal mixtape, hope you're into it!:

Discokatze (feat. Mark Kaminsky): you gave me a raw deal mixtape: download

Mightyfools - Super summer (original mix)
Autoerotique - Gladiator (Torro torro remix)
Hot pink delorean & Fantastadon - Party favout
Buy now - Body crash (Chewy chocolate cookies remix)
GIO.ELECTRO - Booster! (original mix)
Kill the noise & Klever - Tuff as nails part II (Moonstompa remix)
The damn bell doors - Gay marriage (original mix)
Fckn crew - Discoke (the Boomzers rmx)
Laidback Luke - Till tonight (MSTRKRFT remix)
The toxic avenger - N'importe comment feat. Orelsan (HAEZER remix)
Gtronic - Sucker punch (Belzebass rmx)
Owl vision - Fuckin ill (Belzebass remix)
The chemical brothers - The salmon dance (Crookers wow mix)
Scmbags & Krustyproders - Parasite
Kap bambino - Dead lazers (Maton remix bin mix)
Fckn crew - Carnage

Oh and here's a small bonus, I recently made a mixtape for Neontraxx as well, go check it out yo!

Peace out//

Jingle Bells, Batman smells

Merry christmas dear readers!
Hope you're having an awesome holiday with loads of good food and nice presents. If you're still not feeling all that christmassy and maybe don't even know what you'll be doing, you should check out my last christmas entry. Works everytime!
I'll be back in a couple of days or so with more cheesy goodness, until then, have a good one and enjoy these christmas treats:

Peace out//

They haven't built a circuit that could hold you!

With Legacy comin up I thought it was about time to do an entry about TRON, (1982)
Kevin Flynn used to be a computer programmer at a company called ENCOM until one of his colleagues, Ed Dillinger, ripped him off and and fired him. He now tries to hack into ENCOM's computer to find evidence that proves he was the actual creator of four videogames, including the succesful Space paranoids, that Ed has taken credit for. But the MCP that protects the system soon discovers Flynn. He gets zapped into the virtual world where he now must fight to destroy the evil MCP, together with his newfound friends.

Tron is one of my favorite movies ever and I'm superexcited to go and see Legacy on friday! Hopefully it's awesome (but I'm a bit skeptic that it might be a bit too Hollywood). We'll just have to wait and see, either way the soundtrack by Daft punk is made of ♥

Peace out//

Check it out!

Today is all about Second reality from Norway! Like wow, I'm totally blown away right now. I havn't had a love-at-first-listen moment like this since I heard Danger for the first time (his sound is actually quite Danger'isch for that matter). Have a listen:

I can't believe he hasn't been signed yet?! Someone should sign him like, now (if you're unable to do that you can at least show the guy some love by liking him on facebook ♥)

Peace out//

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