Oh you, you so random

I was planning on makin a summer mixtape (but that's still to come) and this mixtape is something, a bit random perhaps, that just kinda happened when doing that. I give you Diskokatts mixtape of random, hope you're into it:

download: Discokatzes mixtape of random

Diane Renay - Kiss me sailor
Hot chip - Touch too much (Fake blood remix)
Lisa Mitchell - Oh! Hark! (Yes giantess remix)
The sound of arrows - Into the clouds (Fear of tigers remix)
Yelle - Tristesse joie (Rolf honey remix)
Rex the dog - I look into mid air
Ellie Goulding - Guns and horses (Monsieur Adi remix)
The temper trap - Sweet disposition (Axwell & Dirty south remix)
Tiesto - In the dark (Dirty south remix)
Mariah Carey - I'll be loving u long time (Designer drugs remix)
Danger - 4h30
Yolanda be cool ft. DCUP - We no speak americano (Urchins are multi-lingual remix)
Cryptonites - Boots electric

Peace out//

I've been running through the night, with you on my mind

It's breakfast time and todays special is some funky beats with a bit of an 80's touch à la swedish Neon workout, have a listen:

Thomastic and Helene - Gun in your pocket (Neon Workout's Burrito RMX) by Neon Workout
If you're into it you can get some mixes and stuff for free here, and also don't forget to visit his myspace.

Peace out yo//

Television is reality, and reality is less than television

Videodrome, (1983)
Max Renn, a sleazy president at a low-rent, exploitative cable network, Civic TV Channel 83. The channel specializes in showing porn and violence and Max is always on the look-out for new cheap and sleazy shows for it. One day his employee, Harlan, manages to decode a pirate transmission broadcasting a show called Videodrome. Max, thinking it's some sort of faked snuff and that it's the latest shit so to say, becomes obsessed with getting this series for his channel.

Videodrome is a mix between sci-fi, horror and a bit of mystery.
Deborah Harry does a great job as Nicki, Max's perverted girlfriend/booty/whatevs, and James Woods is pure sleazeperfection as Max Renn.
It's bizarre, it's weird and it's awesome. It's David Cronenberg at his best (imo).

Long live The New flesh!//

You can change into a hero and R2-D2 just makes me smile!

I totally want underoos.
Peace out//

Everybody likes a bit of fake blood (cancelled)

Edit: Fake Blood is sick and had to cancel :/

Just a little quick tip to all of you guys that will be in/around Stockholm tomorrow, none other than Fake blood will be @ debaser!
So if you have the chance, get your ass over there and show him some irl love by dancing like there's no tomorrow.

fake blood on myspace
You can find the event on facebook here.

Peace out//


Been oh so busy lately, but hey better late than never right?
So here you go, one italodisco mixtape as promised, enjoy!:

download: (Italo)discokatze

Domina - You got my soul
Fun fun - Happy station
Hipnosis - Pulstar
Miko Mission - Toc, toc, toc
Silent circle - Touch in the night
Brian Ice - Tokyo
Raff - Self control
Proxyon - Voyage home
Proxyon - Beyond the future
Rygar - Space raiders
Koto - Jabdah
Radiorama - So I know
Lee Marrow - Sayonara

Peace out yo//

The way forward is sometimes the way back

, (1986)
Sarah is an imaginative, but immature and quite bratty, teen. One night she's left to babysit her stepbrother, Toby. All he does is scream and cry so when she fails to calm him down she wishes him away to the Goblin king. Her wish comes true and Toby gets taken away to the Goblin kingdom. If she can manage to navigate her way through a massive labyrinth in less than thirteen hours she will get her brother back, if not he becomes one of the Goblins.

Labyrinth is a fantasy story which is both colorful and also quite dark at the same time, and there's more to it than meets the eye (one thing almost quite.. disturbing, if you've seen it you probably know what I'm referring to). David Bowie is fantastic as the Goblin king Jareth in way too revealing pants, and Sarah is played by a young Jennifer Connelly. With it's set design, quirky characters and song and dance numbers this movie is both fun and quite charming. Watch it!

Peace out//

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