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Back to the Future(cop)!

I know that I've already made posts about Futurecop! and this isn't anything new or so, but this song is now up on youtube and it's still mighty good and it makes me happy so you're going to enjoy damn it!! (and also I'm too tired to deal with anything else right now, sorry, I'll try to better myself)

Go, again, and show them all of your lovin' here

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Kill this guy... would you?

Dead heat, a movie by Mark Goldblatt from 1988. 
Roger Mortis and Doug Bigelow, two detectives that aren't always doing their job by the book. While investigating some brutal daytime robberies they stumble into a plan hatched by a pharmaceutical firm to bring dead people back to life.
If you're into stuff like action, zombies, buddy-cops, gore etc., then this is the movie for you! (it's also fully loaded with cheesy goodnessy one-liners, of course)

- Hey, you're hurt!
- Lady, I'm fuckin dead.

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Toxic is not dead

Hello strangers! Sorry for being so unactive lately, I've been sick n stuff.
Anyways, I had an entry planned for today, but, it didn't work out too well and will unfortunately have to wait.
Instead, here's two remixes, one by and one of The Toxic avenger:

Check out more from and about Toxie here 

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Teen wolf

- It's not going too well is it? 
- Well, Christ, Thorne, look at the sneakers those guys are wearing. If our guys had sneakers like that there's no telling what they could do.

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Patrick Swayze
August 18, 1952 – September 14, 2009

A blast from the past

I've been listening quite a lot to Futurecop!'s We are the future (mix) the last couple o' days, it's a great 40min mix with a couple of golden oldies and some of their songs as well, you can check it out here (you'll also find a tracklist). 
Whether or not you listen to the mix I think you should have a listen to this great mash-up of theirs from the end of it though. 

Anyhow, from the mix I've rediscovered some great old tunes, particullary this one I can't seem to get out of my head, enjoy and let the nostalgia overcome

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I blow a microchip

Sorry I really havn't got time today, here's a cookie:

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This is Capsule, I hope you all like it!

Their website
Capsule on myspace

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Je t'aime Danger

Hett tips till er alla, ingen mindre än Danger kommer äntligen tillbaks till Sverige! Varit snack om detta i månader och var nästintill att man tvivlade på att det skulle bli av, men nu är datum äntligen satt och den 17e oktober så är det dags! Och efter mina egna erfarenheter av hans spelningar kan jag lätt säga att det inte kan bli annat än laserbra. Denna spelning känns dessutom lite extra fin då Danger spenderat september i studion och man förmodligen kan förvänta sig att höra nytt material. Festen ordnas av basscamp (som i juli tillsammans med All Out Dubstep styrde upp en fest i Malmö med bl.a Digital mystikz).
Full info om detta kan ni hitta här.

funky fresh teaser:
Danger Japan Tour 2009

och för er som sedan tidigare, av någon anledning, inte skulle vara bekanta med Danger:

Köpa hans musik kan ni bl.a göra här.
Sist men inte minst, be there or be square!

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Ol' fav

WHAT'S GOIN' ON!! at nuke'em high

Since the name of Fckn crews EP I thought I'd also tip you about the fantastic movie Class of nuke'em high (troma, Lloyd Kaufman as director, of course). I've always thought about it as a more teenish version of The toxic avenger (which imo is the best troma movie ever for that matter).
If you havn't seen it, do so, at least if you like these type of movies (if you don't, watch Toxie first and make him change your mind). 

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My computer broke down a while ago, it's still very dodgy, but I'm doing the best I can. Anywho.....

Let's all just bashdance the shit out of eachother to this awesome track:

Get this: Class of nuke'em high minimix
Check this out: fckn crew myspace

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