Because he likes it

The hidden, (1987)
A young Kyle Maclachlan plays the role of FBI-agent Lloyd Gallagher (reminding a bit of Dale Cooper). He's on the hunt after an alien who just wants to enjoy lifes simple pleasures. Like sweetass cars, guns, stealing and also killing people.

This movie is awesome and I highly recommend you to check it out!
Stay cheesy, peace out//

I know this style. It's my style.

Imagine someone gave a 13year old boy the script to Rambo and told him to rewrite that sucker. Then add a fistfull of steroids on top and tadaa, Deadly prey, (1987) is what you get!
A group of mercenaries are having their, highly questionable, training in the woods outside of L.A. They abduct random people off L.A.'s streets to serve as runners, which they hunt down and kill. Superb way to train brutal mercenaries vs. defenseless civilians, don't you think? But one day they capture the wrong guy, Mike Danton, who happens to be an ex-marine. Imagine Rambo with a blonde mullet and shortshorts, now that's someone you do not fuck around with.

Deadly prey is superviolent, supercheesy and most of all it's extremely awesome and entertaining! Check out this trailer and tell me how anyone could not like this:
Peace out//

They haven't built a circuit that could hold you!

With Legacy comin up I thought it was about time to do an entry about TRON, (1982)
Kevin Flynn used to be a computer programmer at a company called ENCOM until one of his colleagues, Ed Dillinger, ripped him off and and fired him. He now tries to hack into ENCOM's computer to find evidence that proves he was the actual creator of four videogames, including the succesful Space paranoids, that Ed has taken credit for. But the MCP that protects the system soon discovers Flynn. He gets zapped into the virtual world where he now must fight to destroy the evil MCP, together with his newfound friends.

Tron is one of my favorite movies ever and I'm superexcited to go and see Legacy on friday! Hopefully it's awesome (but I'm a bit skeptic that it might be a bit too Hollywood). We'll just have to wait and see, either way the soundtrack by Daft punk is made of ♥

Peace out//

From another galaxy, from another world...

Nightbeast, (1982)
I'm just gonna let the trailer speak for itself on this one:

Seriously, watch Nightbeast, it's awesome.

Peace out//

You gotta work out

Killer workout aka. Aerobicide

Rhonda is the quite grumpy owner of a gym. All of the sudden someone starts murdering off her poor leotard-wearing customers. Luckily the police doesn't close down the gym, ever, so all them living girls can continue with their workouts as normal. And these girls, oh wow, they are so very brave. Seriously, one by one they're getting murdered but still they manage to go on with their aerobics, always with a smile, now thats admirable. So anyways, who may this mysterious killer be and what motives drives him/her/it to do all this..?

If girls in leotards doing aerobics, murders, random fistfights, more leotards and some more aerobics is your cup of tea, then you'll be totally into Killer workout! (Supercheesy soundtrack included)
This movie also contains what must be the scariest murderweapon of all time, a giant... safety pin! ehrm.
It's obviously made with a very small budget (guess they spent it all on leotards) but you can tell that the director, David A. Prior, worked really hard on this movie. He managed to get at least a little bit of cleavage in pretty much every shot throughout the film. Very ambitious.
Anyway, go suit up into your leotard (yes this entry and this movie is all about leotards, and I know you all have at least one) and watch Killer workout!

Peace out//

They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs

Dèmoni (Demons), (1985)
Basically a bunch of people get free tickets, from a very weird looking guy, to go see a new untitled movie. No one knows what kind of movie it is or even recognizes the name of the theatre, but hey, everyone loves free stuff so what the heck! When everyone has been seated the movie starts, a horror movie of course, and after a little while all hell breaks loose. Just like in the movie.

An upbeat zombie movie, but with demons. Over the top acting, gore, demons and some more gore accompanied by bad 80's rock music, what more can you ask for? Dèmoni is an 88min long cheese fest made of awesome! It's pure and fun entertainment with lots of memorable moments and even though a lot of stuff might not even make sense, it doesn't have to. Watch it! 

Sword + dirt bike =//

Television is reality, and reality is less than television

Videodrome, (1983)
Max Renn, a sleazy president at a low-rent, exploitative cable network, Civic TV Channel 83. The channel specializes in showing porn and violence and Max is always on the look-out for new cheap and sleazy shows for it. One day his employee, Harlan, manages to decode a pirate transmission broadcasting a show called Videodrome. Max, thinking it's some sort of faked snuff and that it's the latest shit so to say, becomes obsessed with getting this series for his channel.

Videodrome is a mix between sci-fi, horror and a bit of mystery.
Deborah Harry does a great job as Nicki, Max's perverted girlfriend/booty/whatevs, and James Woods is pure sleazeperfection as Max Renn.
It's bizarre, it's weird and it's awesome. It's David Cronenberg at his best (imo).

Long live The New flesh!//

The way forward is sometimes the way back

, (1986)
Sarah is an imaginative, but immature and quite bratty, teen. One night she's left to babysit her stepbrother, Toby. All he does is scream and cry so when she fails to calm him down she wishes him away to the Goblin king. Her wish comes true and Toby gets taken away to the Goblin kingdom. If she can manage to navigate her way through a massive labyrinth in less than thirteen hours she will get her brother back, if not he becomes one of the Goblins.

Labyrinth is a fantasy story which is both colorful and also quite dark at the same time, and there's more to it than meets the eye (one thing almost quite.. disturbing, if you've seen it you probably know what I'm referring to). David Bowie is fantastic as the Goblin king Jareth in way too revealing pants, and Sarah is played by a young Jennifer Connelly. With it's set design, quirky characters and song and dance numbers this movie is both fun and quite charming. Watch it!

Peace out//

Limp and hard to manage

Earth girls are easy, (1989)
Valerie is a manicurist in the Valley, who's engaded to this douchebag doctor, Ted. One day three fuzzy, colorful aliens crash their little spaceship into her pool, and so it begins.

When you're in the mood for something not so serious and just want to kick back and relax to something silly, this would be an excellent choice. 80's California, Geena Davis in tiny bikinis, a blonde Jim Carey sporting the surferlook, sporadic music numbers and random dance acts, what more can you ask for?
So take of your shoes, switch your brain off and enjoy one of the better mindless, so to say, comedies of the 80's!

Peace out//

I heard you were dead

First of all, of course yesterdays entry was april fools.
Now we proceed as normal:

Escape from New York, (1981)
1988 the crime rate in the United States rises 400%, the once great city of New York becomes the one maximum-security prison for the entire country. The rules are simple: once you go in you don't come out.
It's 1997 and the president is on his way to an important conference that will determine the fate of America, but the Air force one gets hi-jacked. The president manages to escape in a pod but unfortunately for him, he lands somewhere in New York.
To save him Chief Hauk recruits/blackmails the one and only, Snake Plissken, to do it. An ex-war hero who's now a criminal with a serious 'I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-shh'attitude. He's got about 22 hours to do this.

Another fantastic film by John Carpenter. Pure action noir with dark humor, suspense, dirty settings and great characters.
Kurt Russel has never been this cool.

B-b-bonusround: if you want some more cheese on your escape I suggest you look up the sequel, Escape from L.A., after watching this. It's not as dark as E.F.N.Y., but otherwise it's a bit same-same but different. And oh it's from 1996 and has a bigger budget = ..spectacular special effects a la 90s (I have seriously only one thing to say about that: surf's up).

Hopefully you're into it!
Peace out//

Put the glasses on! Put 'em on!

I live, the blog lives, They live, (1988)
You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they're people just like you. You're wrong. Dead wrong.

Nada (Roddy Piper) shows up in the big city looking for work and a place to stay. He finds a job at a construction site and through a co-worker he also finds a place to crash. One day he comes across a pair of sunglasses who changes everything. With them on what used to be regular billboards and magazines are now empty of content, instead they give orders about obedience. And not everyone looks.. human, anymore.

A political sci-fi filled with one-liners, great acting, neverending ammo and cheesy goodness, by none other than John Carpenter.
Truly a great, smart and fun movie with one of the most weird/awesome fightscenes ever. And if that isn't enough for you just check out Roddy's mullet, it's fantastic.

Peace out//


What the heck you gonna shoot a silver .44 bullet at anyway?

Silverbullet, (1985)
In the small town of Tarker's mill a death at first suspected of being an accident, turns out not to be. More people gets killed, brutally torn to pieces. A young boy in a wheelchair, Marty, thinks it's a werewolf, and one day he gets that confirmed. Now it's just up to finding out who the werewolf really is..

A really good but not at all typical werewolf movie. I wouldn't exactly call this a horror film, even though in some ways it.. kinda is. But the feel to it is really more like a charming adventure/mystery movie, with wellplaced occasions of comic relief. I really recommend you to see this movie if you haven't, and hopefully you'll be as into it as I am!

I think the trailer to this movie is really quite misleading (making it seem like your average werewolf horror), but I'll post it anyway:


Trooper Deth

Trancers, (1985)
Jack Deth, a noir style cop living in the 23rd century gets recalled from retirement by the ruling counsil. It seems like the rebel leader, Whistler, that Jack thought he killed isn't actually dead. He's back in 1985, killing off the councils ancestors with help from his psychically controlled minions, called trancers. Jack is sent back in time (into the body of his ancestor) to find and stop Whistler before he erases the future, problem is that Whistlers ancestor (iow the body he inhabits) is a police detective..

If Blade runner and Terminator had a baby with no money who really loved cheese it would be named Trancers! Now don't take that the wrong way though, cause this movie is actually surprisingly entertaining and very watchable, filled with cheesy goodness, one-liners and trashy settings. If that's the kind of thing that you think you might be into, give it a watch!


Hello tall, dark and handsome

Once bitten, (1985)
California in the mid 80's, a virgin seems hard to come by which is a bit of a problem for the Countess, a vampire who needs to drink the blood of a virgin three times before halloween to keep her beauty. Luckily for her she ends up at the same bar as Mark (Jim Carrey), a guy who desperatly wants to get laid because his girlfriend wont put out.

This movie certainly wouldn't win an award for being some kind of comical masterpiece or for being wellwritten, or for anything else for that matter. It feels like a lot is being left out and more than once you will go 'wait wat', but, if you take it for what it is, a bit random and lighthearted (and of course very 80's), it will still be quite fun and enjoyable and it's definetly worth a watch! But maybe on a lazy sunday rather than friday movienight.

- What was that scene in the shower all about?
- Hey, ever say "thanks" for trying to help out a friend?
- Oh you're a big help, thanks a lot. Did it ever occur to you guys that maybe you could've asked me?


It's OK, everybody, it's all right. He has tits.

Just one of the guys
, (1985)
About Terry, who is an aspiring journalist. She submits an article into a competition held by the school where the winner gets a summerjob at a real newspaper. It gets rejected. Thinking she's a real hot shot she goes to see her teacher about this and refuses to take his explanation to why it was rejected, no, it must have something to do with her gender since her article about The school cafeteria's food selection was fantastic. So, she dresses up as a boy to resubmit the article at a neighbouring high school. Since the new school doesn't seem to require any registration information she easily blends in as Terrance. But, surprise surprise, Terrance article gets rejected as well!
Dressed to impress (in her brothers clothes) at the new school a new article shall be made.

Joyce Hyser does an excellent job as Terry, she actually looks quite good as a guy. Although her body seems to be getting some weird sort of tick-action going on when she's Terrance that, at least I, havn't seen in any guys (nor girls for that matter). Unless they're very special. Ehr, anyways, this is a funny and quite charming movie with heaps of sweet 80's fashion and music, quirky characters (alien-geek duo, reptile boy etc.). Oh and her brother Buddy is a disturbing pervert. But nevermind him, watch it!

- You were in the boys' locker room? 
- Yes! 
- Can I be your younger brother?

Über und raus

Alex, what a surprise!

First of all, happy new year everyone!
Now on to todays tip:

Dreamscape, (1984)
Alex Gardner (Dennis Quaid) has an extraordinary gift, telepathic abilities, which he mainly uses to gamble on horses, score with the ladies etc. Dr. Paul Novotny tracks him down to convince him into joining a study on psychic dream research. 'Dreamlinking', the psychic projection of one persons consciousness into a sleeping persons dreams, to try and resolve whatever anxiety people might have causing them nightmares. Only problem is that occasionally people die from it..

Dreamscape has a nice blend of sci-fi, action and horror. Completed with a dash of humor as well of course. Sadly it feels a bit overlooked and underrated, it really is a great and well-acted movie. Watch it!

Peace out

Leaving her was the hardest thing I ever did

Lifeforce (1985)
, directed by Tobe Hooper
Col. Tom Carlsen
(Steve Railsback) leads his crew on the space shuttle Churchill on a mission to investigate the tail of Halley's Comet. In the cone of the comet they find a 150 mile long spaceship. The crew see their chance and enters the spaceship where they find heaps of frozen/dead bat-like creatures and also three humanoids (one female, two males) encased in crystal-like containers. They decide to take the humanoids and one of the bat-like-things back to the ship and start their journey back to earth. Thirty days go by and no ones heard anything from the Churchill, a new shuttle is sent up on a rescue mission to investigate. They find that the entire ship is totally gutted by fire, everything except for the three cases with the humanoids, which they bring back with them to London.

Best movie about space vampires you'll ever see! No but seriously, this is actually a good movie. It even has a bit of a zombie-thing to it, and Amanda May does a great job playing the 'vampire queen' even though she's completely nude most of the time. 

Peace out//

Suicide is never the answer, little trooper

Better off dead, (1985)
Lane Myer (John Cusack) has a girlfriend that he's totally obsessed with. One day she dumps him with the explanation: Lane, I think it'd be in my best interest if I dated somebody more popular. Better looking. Drived a nicer car.
With that she starts dating the biggest jerk in school and Lane deals with his miserable depression, anger and frustration in humorous ways.
Pretty much like any other good 80's teen flick, except that this one is odd, weird, has dark humor and a bizarre surreal quality to it, you gotta love it.


Don't mind the trailer too much, just watch it!

Cherry Darling

Cherry 2000
, (1987)
It's the year 2017, romance is in the past and has been replaced by robots (either that or you can buy company/'favours' etc. from women at special bars). One day businessman Sam Treadwell's robotic wife, model Cherry 2000, breaks down and there's no way she can be repaired. The only thing that could be saved was her memory chip, so, Treadwell goes on a search for an exact duplicate in which the memory chip can be installed. He hires tracker E.Johnson to guide him across the dangerous apocalyptic wasteland ('the Zone') that he'll need to cross to get to the old manufacturing plant, his only hope in finding a rare little Cherry like the one he had.
Charming, fun and cheesy goodness with Melanie Griffith - before she had her face cut up.

- You guys want some sandwiches? 
- Lester's dead.
- Well, no sandwiches for him.

Peace out//

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