I'll be going away to a festival to listen to some kick-ass music this week, so here's an awesome italotune to keep you busy dancing until I return:

Brb, peace out//


Robots with rayguns, dreamy electrodisco with a major 80's touch, totally feeling this. Been aspecially hooked on TSTR's remix of Sugarbaby the last couple of days, there's just something about it that makes you almost ridiculously happy and wanting to dance down the streets, totally awesome. The original is of course brilliant as well and you should totally check out the video for it. Both posted below, boom:

If you're into it you should check out TSTR's soundcloud where you can download his Sugarbaby-remix (and of course some other great stuff as well). The same goes for Robots with rayguns, totally awesome.
Don't forget to show these guys some love, Robots with rayguns here and TSTR here, they totally deserve it.

Peace out//

Summer of Discokatze

First of all, thank you all for your kind words about my mixtapes, I'm glad you like them!
Now let's move on, as you might know I was planning on making a summer mixtape, I've been a bit slow with that but well, now it's finally done. It's a bit longer than my previous ones but hopefully you wont see that as a bad thing. Starting out a bit slow but sure not ending that way, I give you: diskokatts own summer, enjoy!:

download: Discokatzes own summer

Daft Punk - Something about us
Fredrick Carlsson - House (Neon workout remix)
Daft Punk - Face to face (Night drugs rework)
The Raveonettes - Last dance (kap10kurt dream mix)
Evil stereo - Worthington III
Anoraak - Never ending romance disaster
DCUP - To be in love (Universe remix)
Robyn - Dancing on my own (Rex the dog remix)
Funkstar de Luxe - Do you feel (Edwin van Cleef remix)
Lifelike - Adventure
Crystal castles - Celestica (Professor purple remix)
Edwin van Cleef - Tracer
Vindata - Night sky final
Jack Beats - Out of body
Morgan Page - Longest road to nowhere (Only children remix)
Fake blood - I think I like it
Ellie Goulding - Starry eyed (Russ Chimes remix)
Kids at midnight - The chase (Digitalfoxglove remix)
Dan Black - Symphonies feat. Kid Cudi (Gigi Barocco remix)
Sally Shapiro - Looking at the stars (FM attack remix)
Scanners - Salvation (Dan Sena blinded by the light remix)
F.O.O.L - Rising drunk stars (Original mix)
F.O.O.L - Escape the cave (Original mix)

Hope you're having a great summer ya'll!
Peace out//

I'm kinda sexy, do I turn you on?

This guy... so.. awsm.. Any further comments are unnecessary.
Peace out//

I adore commodore

Story of my life, why must robotdancing chicks always have to show up and undress you when all you wanna do is just play some C64 in peace? Why?

Peace out//

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