They're watching Snow White. And they love it.

It's almost time for christmas, there's heaps of snow (here it is anyways) but my christmas-feelings are nonexistent. Maybe yours are too? Anyway, I thought today would be about boosting those feelings a little bit*. 
*Might not work for everyone, guarantee not included

What you need:
- A copy of Gremlins and preferable also Gremlins 2
- Something to watch it/them on
- Gingerbread and lussecats (saffron buns) or some other christmas treat of your choice
- A N64 with Diddy kong racing
- Company, one person or more that you like (if you don't like anyone just you will do fine too)

All you have to do now is just watch the movies, eat the treats and then play the snow maps on Diddy kong racing with your friends (or by yourself) and hopefully you'll be a bit more excited about the holidays!

Über und raus//

Postat av: The Lone Gungirl

I'm one of those people who just doesn't get the thing about Diddy Kong racing, what's the deal with it!? I guess I'm down with the Mario Kart side. Blood vs. Crips motherfucker!

2009-12-23 @ 11:49:34
Postat av: Rex

Lol, I'm more of a Mario Kart person myself actually. But there's just something with the snow maps in Diddy kong racing that feels christmasy! Walrus cove and frosty village anyways, but bring it awn!

2009-12-23 @ 15:58:42


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