We’ll party, party, p-party

New remix from Danger, yay! Lil Jon feat. Kee - Give it all you got (Danger beach remix), which you can listen to (and also download) here. Been listening to it for a couple of days now and it's just getting better and better, love it.


Postat av: Jarri Retarded Runkare

This mix did not touch my privat parts at all. Although some samples are very good and the mixing was alright but the singing ruined it.

More into his heavy, more original sound than this cheezy commercial remix. At this point in my own opinion the electro scene is getting way to commercial, with lack of soul and to much voicesamples and melodies.

I miss true electrofunk or more raw and dark electro, without lame voicesamplings and cheezy melodies.

Although peoples taste in music are very subjectiv. This is just my opinion.

2009-12-23 @ 09:21:36
Postat av: The Lone Gungirl

I'm finally listening to the remix now, could it get better than Lil' John rambling all over the tune? Hahaha! Danger + Lil' John = (L)

2010-01-15 @ 20:08:16


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