Chasing ghosts

First of all I want to apologize, once again, for my absence.
But now onto todays tip:

Chasing ghosts: Beyond the arcade, (2007)
A documentary about the arcadeboom of the 80's that centers around a photo of the Video Game World Champions of 1982 (LIFE magazine). Seen The King of Kong? Then you're gonna see some familiar faces in this one (and if you havn't seen it, do so). While The King of Kong keeps it's focuse around a particular drama and plot, this documentary is more wide and also works real good as a complimentary film for the characters that didn't really fit into Kong. There's heaps of great old footage and unique personalities. Amongst other things this film makes you realize what it took to obtain the perfect score, that Missile command was the manliest arcade there was and that Arnold Schwarzeneggar gained his fame and fortune by being a drug-dealing whore.
So if you liked The King of kong or if you're into gaming at all, watch it.

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