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First of all, of course yesterdays entry was april fools.
Now we proceed as normal:

Escape from New York, (1981)
1988 the crime rate in the United States rises 400%, the once great city of New York becomes the one maximum-security prison for the entire country. The rules are simple: once you go in you don't come out.
It's 1997 and the president is on his way to an important conference that will determine the fate of America, but the Air force one gets hi-jacked. The president manages to escape in a pod but unfortunately for him, he lands somewhere in New York.
To save him Chief Hauk recruits/blackmails the one and only, Snake Plissken, to do it. An ex-war hero who's now a criminal with a serious 'I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-shh'attitude. He's got about 22 hours to do this.

Another fantastic film by John Carpenter. Pure action noir with dark humor, suspense, dirty settings and great characters.
Kurt Russel has never been this cool.

B-b-bonusround: if you want some more cheese on your escape I suggest you look up the sequel, Escape from L.A., after watching this. It's not as dark as E.F.N.Y., but otherwise it's a bit same-same but different. And oh it's from 1996 and has a bigger budget = ..spectacular special effects a la 90s (I have seriously only one thing to say about that: surf's up).

Hopefully you're into it!
Peace out//

Postat av: Jarri Retarded Runkare

Only seen this film once and don't remember much, but Kurt Russel really kicks-ass.

Speaking of the devil one of my all time childhood movie of all time are "Big Trouble in Little China". Directed by John C. and starring Kurt Russel. His character is an truckdriving, obnoxious dude with great oneliners. Also there are a horny chinese in a wheelchair, and it's include chinese magic. FUCK YEAH! Really recommend this flick!

To bad the DVD are really expensive in some stores.

2010-04-04 @ 15:31:08
Postat av: Rex Fortune

big trouble in little china is awesome, love it. Thought I'd chill a bit with the Carpenter-spam after this one though, but there will definitely be an entry about it in the future!

2010-04-04 @ 22:04:12
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Postat av: Jarri Retarded Runkare

Yee! Variation förnöjer or the english version "Should have studied harder."

2010-04-06 @ 18:30:06
Postat av: jonas

riktigt bra kultrulle!

2010-04-12 @ 18:52:28
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