I've been really stoked on making a 'mixtape' lately, so the other day I did. It's my first mix ever so it may not be perfect but hopefully you'll like it:
Diskokatts mixtape of lulz by ifyoureintoit

Electric youth - Faces
The futureheads - Heartbeat song (Edwin van Cleef remix)
Regina - Kuka on tuo mies?
Linus loves - Prom night (BURNS remix)
Felix cartal - Skeleton (Pance party remix)
Ladyhawke - Magic
Rex the dog - I look into mid air
Fear of tigers - Cossus snufsigalonica
Cut copy - Hearts on fire (Viking remix)
Death metal disco scene - 21 (John Bourke remix)
Cavaliers of fun - Secret galaxies (iBORRACHO! remixx)
Futurecop! - Karate (Flashworx remix)
John Parr - St. Elmo's fire (man in motion)
Tunng - Hustle (Bloc party remix)

If you're the owner to any of the tracks in the mix and have any remarks whatsoever feel free to contact me at: ifyoureintoitblog@gmail.com, and we'll sort things out.

Peace out//

Postat av: Giovanni !

Your mixtape is really great, the tracklist is very cool, just one little remark : your bpm is constantly changing so the listener can't easily find a logical...

Anyway, well done ! On my Ipod of course, between The Twelve and College Mixtapes...

2010-04-10 @ 14:38:48
URL: http://www.marqueinconnue.com
Postat av: Rex Fortune

I know, kinda messed that up and some of the transitions as well, but I was too tired to fix it so I was a bit 'oh well -post-'. Thnx for the feedback!

And yeaj! Have an italo mixtape comin in the future, just gonna let it chill for a couple of days and see what needs to be fix'd and do it proper this time! Cheers!

2010-04-10 @ 14:58:47
URL: http://ifyoureintoit.blogg.se/
Postat av: Fexxe

Electric youth - Faces, var riktigt riktigt jävla bra!

2010-04-13 @ 00:47:30
URL: http://www.braskit.se
Postat av: Jarri Retarded Runkare

Hell yeah! Italo disco is the shit! Mr Flagio, Kano, Proxyon, Koto, Mozzart and Lazer Dance are my favorites!

2010-04-21 @ 17:47:00


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