What the heck you gonna shoot a silver .44 bullet at anyway?

Silverbullet, (1985)
In the small town of Tarker's mill a death at first suspected of being an accident, turns out not to be. More people gets killed, brutally torn to pieces. A young boy in a wheelchair, Marty, thinks it's a werewolf, and one day he gets that confirmed. Now it's just up to finding out who the werewolf really is..

A really good but not at all typical werewolf movie. I wouldn't exactly call this a horror film, even though in some ways it.. kinda is. But the feel to it is really more like a charming adventure/mystery movie, with wellplaced occasions of comic relief. I really recommend you to see this movie if you haven't, and hopefully you'll be as into it as I am!

I think the trailer to this movie is really quite misleading (making it seem like your average werewolf horror), but I'll post it anyway:




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