Television is reality, and reality is less than television

Videodrome, (1983)
Max Renn, a sleazy president at a low-rent, exploitative cable network, Civic TV Channel 83. The channel specializes in showing porn and violence and Max is always on the look-out for new cheap and sleazy shows for it. One day his employee, Harlan, manages to decode a pirate transmission broadcasting a show called Videodrome. Max, thinking it's some sort of faked snuff and that it's the latest shit so to say, becomes obsessed with getting this series for his channel.

Videodrome is a mix between sci-fi, horror and a bit of mystery.
Deborah Harry does a great job as Nicki, Max's perverted girlfriend/booty/whatevs, and James Woods is pure sleazeperfection as Max Renn.
It's bizarre, it's weird and it's awesome. It's David Cronenberg at his best (imo).

Long live The New flesh!//

Postat av: Jarri

Death to videodrome! Long live the new flesh!

Great movie! Wonder if the movie is a statement against the new videoage. When everbody hooked on television instead of using their brain.

Really funny when they sit in front of television and drop coins like average junkie.

TV = opium for the people? Consume or die!

"Naked Lunch" is also a weird movie.

Injecting anti-cimex or something and perverted bugs. Based on the novel by William S. Burroughs though, and directed by David Cronberg so dont suprise me. :)

2010-05-27 @ 11:46:25
Postat av: Rex Fortune

It indeed is a great movie, love it.

Naked Lunch is almost... too weird, still good, but oh so fucking superweird ahaha

2010-05-27 @ 20:41:25
Postat av: mot

This movie gives me a huge homosexual vibe. It might have something to do with the gratuitous amount of stomach fisting within the film. The movie is like a dirty pleasure. Legendary. The perfect date movie.

(I can say all this shamelessly because it's the internet)

2010-05-31 @ 17:37:16


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