Danger @ Klubb popaganda+interview

A couple of days ago I went to see a set with Danger @ klubb popaganda (big thanks to all the nice people that were working @ Strand that night, aspecially 'that bearded guy', as everyone called him).
The show was great, even though the volume was perhaps just a tad too low, imo anyways. The crowd was a bit smaller than one would've expected, but when Danger finally started everyone just went totally crazy! I almost got the feeling of being amongst wild animals, elbows and sweat were flying allover the place, total mayhem.
After the show I got the chance to do an interview with Danger himself, here it is (obs, it has been cut down a bit due to sidetalk and getting out the significant things):

ME: - Since everyone already knows about your inspirations regarding your music etc. from your previous interviews I thought I'd ask you a bit different questions, about movies and videogames and stuff, if that's alright?
DA: - That's ok. Are you some kind of a nerd?
ME: - Yes. What's your favorite 80s cheese movie?
DA: - The thing, but it's not really cheesy at all.
ME: - That it is not, but it's a great movie though. What's your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? You can't say Terminator or Predator.
DA: - Predator. (*might have been a translation misunderstanding)
ME: - But you can't say Predator, you'll have to choose something else.
DA: - Ah, I really like Last action hero. And Total recall.
ME: - Good choice. So what was the first videogame console you ever got?
DA: - Amiga 500, and when I was 8 I got a Sega megadrive.
ME: - Alright, and what's your favorite games to the megadrive?
DA: - Altered beast and Streets of rage. I also have a PS3 and an Xbox360, but I don't really like new videogames.
ME: - Ah ok, so what new games do you like?
DA: - I loved Shadow of the colossus, and Fallout and Bioshock, they are my favorite games.
ME: - They are all very great games indeed. I can tell you're into anime and stuff as well, what's your favorite animemovie vs. your favorite animeseries?
DA: - Yes I really like anime, and also comics.
ME: - Comics or manga? (*there was a bit more talk to it and I needed to clarify)
DA: - Both. My favorite movies are Akira and Ghost in the shell. And maybe it's a bit lame (*I think that's what he said) but I really like Deathnote. Have you heard about it?
ME: - I have, and I kinda like that as well actually. So have you ever watched Space adventure Cobra?
DA: - Is that the one with the mentalgun?
ME: - Psychogun, yep.
DA: - In that case yes, but I think it's a bit like porno.
ME: - Porno? Really? Well I guess the girls in it are quite.. busty, but I think it's a bit more like James Bond located in space than porno though.
DA: - Yes but when I was young everyone was a bit 'what is this, it's like porn' about it.
ME: - Haha alright. So is there anything you would like to tell me about yourself that people don't really know about you?
DA: - Hmm.. Like what?
ME: - I don't know, anything. What color you prefer on your socks or whatnot.
DA: - Haha, I prefer black and white socks. And I don't like facebook.
ME: - Alright. So how long is it gonna take until we hear something new from you?
DA: - A couple of months I think.
ME: - Great, well, thank you for a great show, for giving me some of your time and for the vodka!
DA: - No problem, see you soon!
ME: - Have a nice trip, bye!

Here's a video from the set, the camera mysteriously broke down after a while but this is what I was able to capture before that happened:
Give Danger some love, and check out his latest remix if you by any chance havn't done that already: "Acid Washed" Danger's Remix by Acid Washed

Peace out//

Postat av: Jarri

Nice interview! Sounds like a great party. Have not yet listen to this set. But he really did a great one @ Arvika. Remember "Spiderman"?

The opening of that set was really massive! To bad I didn't feel well and could enjoy at it's peak. Mvh

2010-09-07 @ 00:04:23
Postat av: Smsa Låna

Kul att du bloggar! Fortsätt så :)

2011-07-18 @ 23:56:48
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