Oh you, you so random

I was planning on makin a summer mixtape (but that's still to come) and this mixtape is something, a bit random perhaps, that just kinda happened when doing that. I give you Diskokatts mixtape of random, hope you're into it:

download: Discokatzes mixtape of random

Diane Renay - Kiss me sailor
Hot chip - Touch too much (Fake blood remix)
Lisa Mitchell - Oh! Hark! (Yes giantess remix)
The sound of arrows - Into the clouds (Fear of tigers remix)
Yelle - Tristesse joie (Rolf honey remix)
Rex the dog - I look into mid air
Ellie Goulding - Guns and horses (Monsieur Adi remix)
The temper trap - Sweet disposition (Axwell & Dirty south remix)
Tiesto - In the dark (Dirty south remix)
Mariah Carey - I'll be loving u long time (Designer drugs remix)
Danger - 4h30
Yolanda be cool ft. DCUP - We no speak americano (Urchins are multi-lingual remix)
Cryptonites - Boots electric

Peace out//



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