The Boomzers
These two italian guys made a killer remix on FCKN CREW's discoke EP and now there out with an EP of their own, WTF!, and it's totally banging.
The EP features remixes from HAEZER, Ikki and Aerotronic.
The HAEZER remix is a frickin beast, have a listen:

Gogo and buy the EP now on beatport!

B-b-b-bonus: seriously, who would've ever thought that someone could make an awesome remix of something from 666? Who would even think about remixing 666? Why The Boomzers of course!:

666 - Alarma (The Boomzers Rmx) by The Boomzers
For more remixes and stuff visit The Boomzers on soundcloud.

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You gotta work out

Killer workout aka. Aerobicide

Rhonda is the quite grumpy owner of a gym. All of the sudden someone starts murdering off her poor leotard-wearing customers. Luckily the police doesn't close down the gym, ever, so all them living girls can continue with their workouts as normal. And these girls, oh wow, they are so very brave. Seriously, one by one they're getting murdered but still they manage to go on with their aerobics, always with a smile, now thats admirable. So anyways, who may this mysterious killer be and what motives drives him/her/it to do all this..?

If girls in leotards doing aerobics, murders, random fistfights, more leotards and some more aerobics is your cup of tea, then you'll be totally into Killer workout! (Supercheesy soundtrack included)
This movie also contains what must be the scariest murderweapon of all time, a giant... safety pin! ehrm.
It's obviously made with a very small budget (guess they spent it all on leotards) but you can tell that the director, David A. Prior, worked really hard on this movie. He managed to get at least a little bit of cleavage in pretty much every shot throughout the film. Very ambitious.
Anyway, go suit up into your leotard (yes this entry and this movie is all about leotards, and I know you all have at least one) and watch Killer workout!

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Want u

Grum's album Heartbeats is totally amazing, in fact, it's pretty much the only thing I've been listening to the last couple of days. Electrodisco with an 80s touch. Some of the tracks are a bit more dreamy and just makes you wanna close your eyes and float away. Other tracks on the other hand makes you wanna put on a leotard and just go for it.
Overall, every single track on this album is pretty much perfection in it's own way. Here's a video that I put together for the song Power,
put on your leotards and get ready for the ultimate 3min workout:

And here's the official video for the song Through the night, love it ♥:

Now go show Grum some love on facebook! And buy Heartbeats on itunes.

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Get in shape girl!'s so appealing! Or wait, wat

I'm so glad my parents bought me Turtles.
(and sry I'll try to do better and more updates soon, should get proper internetaccess, period, this upcoming week!)

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Danger @ Klubb popaganda+interview

A couple of days ago I went to see a set with Danger @ klubb popaganda (big thanks to all the nice people that were working @ Strand that night, aspecially 'that bearded guy', as everyone called him).
The show was great, even though the volume was perhaps just a tad too low, imo anyways. The crowd was a bit smaller than one would've expected, but when Danger finally started everyone just went totally crazy! I almost got the feeling of being amongst wild animals, elbows and sweat were flying allover the place, total mayhem.
After the show I got the chance to do an interview with Danger himself, here it is (obs, it has been cut down a bit due to sidetalk and getting out the significant things):

ME: - Since everyone already knows about your inspirations regarding your music etc. from your previous interviews I thought I'd ask you a bit different questions, about movies and videogames and stuff, if that's alright?
DA: - That's ok. Are you some kind of a nerd?
ME: - Yes. What's your favorite 80s cheese movie?
DA: - The thing, but it's not really cheesy at all.
ME: - That it is not, but it's a great movie though. What's your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? You can't say Terminator or Predator.
DA: - Predator. (*might have been a translation misunderstanding)
ME: - But you can't say Predator, you'll have to choose something else.
DA: - Ah, I really like Last action hero. And Total recall.
ME: - Good choice. So what was the first videogame console you ever got?
DA: - Amiga 500, and when I was 8 I got a Sega megadrive.
ME: - Alright, and what's your favorite games to the megadrive?
DA: - Altered beast and Streets of rage. I also have a PS3 and an Xbox360, but I don't really like new videogames.
ME: - Ah ok, so what new games do you like?
DA: - I loved Shadow of the colossus, and Fallout and Bioshock, they are my favorite games.
ME: - They are all very great games indeed. I can tell you're into anime and stuff as well, what's your favorite animemovie vs. your favorite animeseries?
DA: - Yes I really like anime, and also comics.
ME: - Comics or manga? (*there was a bit more talk to it and I needed to clarify)
DA: - Both. My favorite movies are Akira and Ghost in the shell. And maybe it's a bit lame (*I think that's what he said) but I really like Deathnote. Have you heard about it?
ME: - I have, and I kinda like that as well actually. So have you ever watched Space adventure Cobra?
DA: - Is that the one with the mentalgun?
ME: - Psychogun, yep.
DA: - In that case yes, but I think it's a bit like porno.
ME: - Porno? Really? Well I guess the girls in it are quite.. busty, but I think it's a bit more like James Bond located in space than porno though.
DA: - Yes but when I was young everyone was a bit 'what is this, it's like porn' about it.
ME: - Haha alright. So is there anything you would like to tell me about yourself that people don't really know about you?
DA: - Hmm.. Like what?
ME: - I don't know, anything. What color you prefer on your socks or whatnot.
DA: - Haha, I prefer black and white socks. And I don't like facebook.
ME: - Alright. So how long is it gonna take until we hear something new from you?
DA: - A couple of months I think.
ME: - Great, well, thank you for a great show, for giving me some of your time and for the vodka!
DA: - No problem, see you soon!
ME: - Have a nice trip, bye!

Here's a video from the set, the camera mysteriously broke down after a while but this is what I was able to capture before that happened:
Give Danger some love, and check out his latest remix if you by any chance havn't done that already: "Acid Washed" Danger's Remix by Acid Washed

Peace out//

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