I'll think of you everytime I play my video-games

This is a bit of a brb remark, I'm really sick atm., pretty much all I've done the last few days is lying around being miserable and watching Captain N - the game master (which for that matter might count as a tip for all you cartoonfans and sick people out there). It's actually even better than I remembered it (or maybe it's the fever talking, who knows) and pun is indeed intended many, many times.
Oh well, the game master awaits me, enjoy good song and heaps of mullets:

I'll be back//

Cherry Darling

Cherry 2000
, (1987)
It's the year 2017, romance is in the past and has been replaced by robots (either that or you can buy company/'favours' etc. from women at special bars). One day businessman Sam Treadwell's robotic wife, model Cherry 2000, breaks down and there's no way she can be repaired. The only thing that could be saved was her memory chip, so, Treadwell goes on a search for an exact duplicate in which the memory chip can be installed. He hires tracker E.Johnson to guide him across the dangerous apocalyptic wasteland ('the Zone') that he'll need to cross to get to the old manufacturing plant, his only hope in finding a rare little Cherry like the one he had.
Charming, fun and cheesy goodness with Melanie Griffith - before she had her face cut up.

- You guys want some sandwiches? 
- Lester's dead.
- Well, no sandwiches for him.

Peace out//

Please don't play any country music, watch Brainscan!

Todays tip is the very underestimated movie Brainscan, (1994).
Michael (a young Edward Furlong) is a 16-year old video-gaming horror fanatic, whos mother died when he was a kid in a car crash that left him with a limp. His father is never home and he has only one friend, Kyle. One day he finds an ad in Fangoria about a new game called Brainscan, a VR horror game that is so real it'll chill your blood etc. Michael's a bit sceptic but calls the company anyway and soon he gets his (apparently free?) copy of it. In the game you're a murderer. Michael tries it out, the following day he finds severed foot in the fridge..

I saw this movie for the first time when I was about 10 or something, but I still think today that it holds up really well! It's fun and disturbing at the same time, and overall it's a great and well directed movie. If you havn't seen it, do so, if you have, just watch it again!

- What was that you were watching, Mr. Brower? 
-  "Death, Death, Death... 
- "Death, Death, Death..."
- ...Part 2"//

Owl vision

Owl vision is a swedish electro producer from Gothenburg who creates great trashy beats for us all to dance our asses of to, have a listen:

If you're into it don't forget to check out his myspace where you can listen to the teaser of his upcoming album Leprozy, get some tracks, buy a t-shirt or just show him some old-fashioned love. And here's a lil' tip as well, the 25th of december Owl vision is doing a live-set @ Storan in Gothenburg hosted by Club milk.

Peace out//

Lady Ace to Jack Flack. Do you read me?

Cloak & Dagger, (1984)
The story revolves around an overimaginative boy named Davey who has an imaginary friend called Jack Flack, a character from a spy game that he loves. Daveys mother died not too long ago and his father is quite abscent and just wants him to grow up and let go of his spy-nonsens. One day Davey witnesses an actual murder of an FBI agent, who slips him a Cloak & Dagger video cartridge right before dying. He tries to tell his father about it but of course he wont believe him. With Jack Flack by his side Davey has to deal with the bad guys himself.
I loved this movie as a kid and re-watched it not too long ago and I must say that I still kinda do. My only real complaint is Daveys friend Kim, I just find her mere presence annoying, just look at her:

But don't let her scare you off, if you think this might be something you're into, watch it. And remember, Jack Flack always escapes.

Over and out


If you're into it I have good news, you can download his debut EP Super motives for free here! And while you're at it don't forget to check out his myspace as well,

I'll be back//

What's in the basket?

Basket case (1982), by Frank Henenlotter.
A tale about the two brothers Duane and Belial who were born as siamese twins. Duane looks perfectly normal, except for the fact that his big meaty lump of a brother is attached to his side. At age twelve they got separated, literally, against their will. A couple of years after the incident Duane grabs his basket case and leave for N.Y. to settle some unfinished business.
With it's interesting characters and dirty surroundings this is a classic low budget horror film, which I must say did not suffer from it, it just adds the charm to it.

Whisper in your brain//

Who the fuck is HAEZER?

Well, HAEZER is a producer from South-Africa that I've been planning to make an entry about for quite some time now. I actually came across his music quite randomly a couple of months ago, I think it might even have been randomly browsing on youtube of all places. His sound is a mix with hints of a lot of things, but most of all I would say it's frickin dirty-ass electro of goodness, just the way I like it.

Dash over to his myspace and show some love etc.

Live long and prosper//


I watched the pilot of the new V-series today and my expectations was confirmed, did not like. They'll never be able to get the feeling that the original series had. I have only one thing to say:
Long live Diana and Donovan!

... but mostly Diana

Über und raus//

Chasing ghosts

First of all I want to apologize, once again, for my absence.
But now onto todays tip:

Chasing ghosts: Beyond the arcade, (2007)
A documentary about the arcadeboom of the 80's that centers around a photo of the Video Game World Champions of 1982 (LIFE magazine). Seen The King of Kong? Then you're gonna see some familiar faces in this one (and if you havn't seen it, do so). While The King of Kong keeps it's focuse around a particular drama and plot, this documentary is more wide and also works real good as a complimentary film for the characters that didn't really fit into Kong. There's heaps of great old footage and unique personalities. Amongst other things this film makes you realize what it took to obtain the perfect score, that Missile command was the manliest arcade there was and that Arnold Schwarzeneggar gained his fame and fortune by being a drug-dealing whore.
So if you liked The King of kong or if you're into gaming at all, watch it.

Über und raus//

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