Merry christmas!


She's still alive

Zup guys, so I know it's been pretty dead here for a while, sry about that. Unfortunately that's not gonna change just yet coz...
Discokatze is leaving Sweden today to go roadtrippin in California!
If you want to come in contact with me this upcomin month hit me up @ :)

Peace out, I'll be back//

This isn't just a synthesizer, ooooh no...


Peace out//

Jem wrist rocks

These watches are, like Jem herself would say, totally outrageous!
Would totally rock any of them, prefferably the record album one.
Love it.

Peace out//

Latest fashion

I totally want a musicvest.

Jingle Bells, Batman smells

Merry christmas dear readers!
Hope you're having an awesome holiday with loads of good food and nice presents. If you're still not feeling all that christmassy and maybe don't even know what you'll be doing, you should check out my last christmas entry. Works everytime!
I'll be back in a couple of days or so with more cheesy goodness, until then, have a good one and enjoy these christmas treats:

Peace out//

Get in shape girl!'s so appealing! Or wait, wat

I'm so glad my parents bought me Turtles.
(and sry I'll try to do better and more updates soon, should get proper internetaccess, period, this upcoming week!)

Peace out//

Run run run

This must seriously be the best intro ever made.

Peace out//

I'm looking for the goddess. Are you the goddess?

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I recently moved and changed internet company which turned out to be.. not so good, I still have no internet.
This is just a quick update to let you know what's up, hopefully they'll fix it soon and everything will go back to normal. Until then, enjoy these charming studs:


I adore commodore

Story of my life, why must robotdancing chicks always have to show up and undress you when all you wanna do is just play some C64 in peace? Why?

Peace out//

Yo, I'm about to eat

Robocop, I am disappoint. I did not know you were a thieving douche.

Stay out of trouble. Good night//

You can change into a hero and R2-D2 just makes me smile!

I totally want underoos.
Peace out//

Dress to impress

Hi everyone!
I havn't updated in a while because of some major new plans for the blog. But everything's fixed now and I'm so excited, so without further delay this blogs new mainfocus will be: fashion!
You know what's really superhot right now? Scarves. If you don't have a scarf you should, no, you must get one.

This scarf is awesome.

Make it work//


One of the greatest teenstars of the 80's, Corey Haim, died yesterday.
R.I.P :'(

Meo-wy christ-mouse!

Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone!
I'm off to celebrate christmas with my family and tomorrow I'll leave for Stockholm for a week and I don't think I'll be able to blog from there, soooo, the blog will be takin a little break. I'll be back as normal with some cheesy goodness when I get back, have a good one!

I'll be back//

They're watching Snow White. And they love it.

It's almost time for christmas, there's heaps of snow (here it is anyways) but my christmas-feelings are nonexistent. Maybe yours are too? Anyway, I thought today would be about boosting those feelings a little bit*. 
*Might not work for everyone, guarantee not included

What you need:
- A copy of Gremlins and preferable also Gremlins 2
- Something to watch it/them on
- Gingerbread and lussecats (saffron buns) or some other christmas treat of your choice
- A N64 with Diddy kong racing
- Company, one person or more that you like (if you don't like anyone just you will do fine too)

All you have to do now is just watch the movies, eat the treats and then play the snow maps on Diddy kong racing with your friends (or by yourself) and hopefully you'll be a bit more excited about the holidays!

Über und raus//

What will they think of next?!

I'll think of you everytime I play my video-games

This is a bit of a brb remark, I'm really sick atm., pretty much all I've done the last few days is lying around being miserable and watching Captain N - the game master (which for that matter might count as a tip for all you cartoonfans and sick people out there). It's actually even better than I remembered it (or maybe it's the fever talking, who knows) and pun is indeed intended many, many times.
Oh well, the game master awaits me, enjoy good song and heaps of mullets:

I'll be back//


I watched the pilot of the new V-series today and my expectations was confirmed, did not like. They'll never be able to get the feeling that the original series had. I have only one thing to say:
Long live Diana and Donovan!

... but mostly Diana

Über und raus//

Will it robot rock?

Mixing has never been this easy - you'll see,
well.. yeah.. I kinda noticed that today when I actually tried Dj Hero, and I must say that I went from quite excited to feel a bit skeptic about it.
The controller didn't feel tight at all, the green button for example only seemed to react when it wanted to, and that wasn't often.
Sure, I only tried a couple o' songs on medium but they didn't feel that much of a challenge whatsoever (except for that stupid broken button). And that's words from someone who doesn't even play guitar hero.
But, I'm still hopefull that it might be fun (as long as the controller works), I mean, a game with Daft punk-songs in it, how can it suck? Right..?

Never gonna give you up!//

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