Put the glasses on! Put 'em on!

I live, the blog lives, They live, (1988)
You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they're people just like you. You're wrong. Dead wrong.

Nada (Roddy Piper) shows up in the big city looking for work and a place to stay. He finds a job at a construction site and through a co-worker he also finds a place to crash. One day he comes across a pair of sunglasses who changes everything. With them on what used to be regular billboards and magazines are now empty of content, instead they give orders about obedience. And not everyone looks.. human, anymore.

A political sci-fi filled with one-liners, great acting, neverending ammo and cheesy goodness, by none other than John Carpenter.
Truly a great, smart and fun movie with one of the most weird/awesome fightscenes ever. And if that isn't enough for you just check out Roddy's mullet, it's fantastic.

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