Could I have some cheese please?

But yes of course you can! How about the cheese-o-rific Teen witch(1989)?
Lousie Miller is a geeky outsider who, of course, has a crush on the schools most popular boy. She wishes to be the most popular girl in school, and when she turns 16 she gets these special powers which she uses to make this happen.
This movie is brilliant. It has it all. Dancenumbers, montages, awesome quotes, great music, fab 80s hair, you name it!
Here's a little something for you to see just what to expect from this movie:

If you're into it, watch it, if not..

If we slept together...

Disco is dead

DEAD DISCO DRIVERS, another masked duo hits the stage!
I'm finding it quite funny that you can almost decide just from hearing the music if people are sporting masks or not, there's just something in the sound, or maybe I'm just gifted. Anyways, these two awesome guys are from Belgium, have a listen and enjoy!

If you like it you can find some tunes through here, and don't forget to show them some love!

Peace out//

Will it robot rock?

Mixing has never been this easy - you'll see,
well.. yeah.. I kinda noticed that today when I actually tried Dj Hero, and I must say that I went from quite excited to feel a bit skeptic about it.
The controller didn't feel tight at all, the green button for example only seemed to react when it wanted to, and that wasn't often.
Sure, I only tried a couple o' songs on medium but they didn't feel that much of a challenge whatsoever (except for that stupid broken button). And that's words from someone who doesn't even play guitar hero.
But, I'm still hopefull that it might be fun (as long as the controller works), I mean, a game with Daft punk-songs in it, how can it suck? Right..?

Never gonna give you up!//

Danger @ Skyddsrummet

Okej tänkte skriva en liten recension angående Dangers spelning i lördags.
Det var inte bra. Utrustningen verkade inte klara av volymen och därav lät det alldeles brusigt, konstigt och alldeles för högt. Det var på nivån så man ibland inte ens hörde vad det var för låt som spelades och jag har än idag känslan av att ha bomullstussar i öronen. Och visst det blir tryck på spelningar, men det här var rätt löjligt, det stog typ 3 (?) vakter längst fram och det kändes verkligen som att det också var vad dom gjorde, stog. Vilket ledde till att när folk längst fram blev frampushade åt helvete flög dom in i 'dj-bordet' som i sin tur även det flyttades. Till råga på det försvann även videoshowen i ca 15-20 min.
Väldigt tråkigt på något som kunde ha blivit så sjukt bra (mtp Dangers tidigare framträdanden).

Men nåväl, ser ändå framemot fler evenemang och hoppas kritiken Basscamp fått överlag hjälper så att det flyter på bättre nästa gång!
May the force be with you!//

Creature stole my twinkie!

the Monster Squad, (1987)
I'm getting the feeling that Fred Dekker must have been pretty inspired by 
the Goonies when he made this. It feels kinda like a monster-version of it and you can draw parallels between most characters from the two, the fat kid for example (but no truffle shuffle in this one I'm afraid).
I saw this movie as a kid and after re-watching it, quite recently actually, I must say that I still think it's great.
The jokes are funny, the monsters look good and the kids are actually great, aspecially Rudy, but not because of his jeans though (seriously this kids jeans are so tight you can actually see where he tucks, it's quite scary). 
If you're into these kind'o movies you should definitely have a go at it.

Über und raus

We'll always be together, together in electric dreams

Todays filmtip is an ol' favorite of mine, Electric dreams (1984), about the lonely architecht Miles, who's very unorganised. One of his friends convinces him into getting an electronic organiser, although he ends up with a computer instead. After a little mishap with a spilt drink things start to happen..
It's fun, sweet and not at all as cheesy as you may think (seriously!).
It also comes with an amazing soundtrack (the composer's none other than Giorgio Moroder). If this movie doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.

- Yeah! It's my party. And Moles, you're not invited. All right!

Über und raus//

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