This isn't just a synthesizer, ooooh no...


Peace out//

Feels good

Just thought that I would share a funky track with you guys,
Electra feat. Tara Butler - Feels good (carrots and beets) (instrumental)
, enjoy!:

(oh and if you think the bassline sounds familiar it's probably because it was later sampled in this track)

Peace out//

Keep the change

Bangin LBCK has released yet another funky track, which you may download free of charge! So go ahead and have a listen and a download:

LBCK- Keep The Change **FREE DOWNLOAD** by LBCK

If you, by any chance, are new to
LBCK you can check out their other stuff on soundcloud. And don't forget to show the guys some ♥ on their facebook page.

Peace out//

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