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Long time no mixtape! So this other week I was to play music at this place. But it turned out I wouldn't be able to do it live though, soooo, in the last minute I stressed a mixtape together. My one goal was to hopefully fuck the place up a bit (which actually turned out to be a great success). Anyways, here it is here you go, hope you're into it!
Discokatzes mixtape of go go fuck up the disco: download

Vitalic - Your disco song
Vandroid - Master & slave (Van She Tech remix)
Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers - Singapore swing (Sound of stereo remix)
Revolte - Fucking on music (Olivier Giacomotto kill em all mix)
Tiga - You gonna want me (Hey today! remix)
Mitsubitchi - The subs
Skrillex - WEEKEND!!! (Disrupt the scene remix)
Bobmo - Freak me (Original mix)
The only - Top of the jam (Autoerotique remix)
Uffie - MCs can kiss (Far too loud refix)
Autoerotique - Gladiator
Daft punk - Around the world (Kid Dub remix)
Shadow dancer - Cowbois
Clockwork feat. Chuckie Hardwell - Airdrum (Raving George mish mash)
Kitch än sync - Agrebah (The damn bell doors remix)
Beastie boys - Super disco breakin (Project cyborg remix)
Danger - 4h30
Djedjotronic - Dirty & hard (Keatch remix)
Alan Gay - Bastardrave
666 - Alarma (The Boomzers rmx)
Justice - D.A.N.C.E (R3SET remix)
The Boomzers - WTF! (Haezer remix)
Dirty disco youth - Brains...off
Tiesto feat. Diplo - C'mon (Dskotek remix)
The bloody beetroots - Warp 1.9 (feat. Steve Aoki)
Richard Vission & Trash yourself - Get down (Jesse Jamz remix)
Le Matos - Quiet earth
Does it offend you, yeah? - We are the dead (Drivepilot remix)
Le Castle Vania+Computer club - The messiah
Vitalic - Terminateur benelux
Plasticines - Loser (Les petits pilous remix)
Missill - CHUPPA
Klaxons - Flashover (Capt and Cooked remix)
Missill - Get busted
Give me a kiss - The week&
Shadow dancer - Soap
Daft punk - Derezzed (NTEIBINT re-edit)

A proper mixtape I made a while back will be comin up shortly, just havn't had the time to polish it.
Until next time, peace out//


mycket bra grejer.

2010-10-28 @ 16:31:06
URL: http://www.sthlmandsouth.blogspot.com
Postat av: john

en massa grejer man känner igen där (inklusive remixer). betyder det att man hänger med?

väldigt bra i alla fall!

2010-11-01 @ 22:32:45
URL: http://kallspel.wordpress.com
Postat av: Rex Fortune

tackar! :)

2010-11-15 @ 00:54:44
URL: http://ifyoureintoit.blogg.se/
Postat av: Vince

Sjukt nice! :)

2010-11-15 @ 14:17:17
URL: http://diarybyvince.se


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