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Today is all about Second reality from Norway! Like wow, I'm totally blown away right now. I havn't had a love-at-first-listen moment like this since I heard Danger for the first time (his sound is actually quite Danger'isch for that matter). Have a listen:

I can't believe he hasn't been signed yet?! Someone should sign him like, now (if you're unable to do that you can at least show the guy some love by liking him on facebook ♥)

Peace out//

Postat av: MrRandom

Found this blog, love it, complete euphoria. I've browsed a bit though and im not sure but have you heard of an artist called "Monsieur adi"?

If not i strongly recommend checking out some of his tracks.

for example:

2010-12-14 @ 20:13:31
Postat av: Rex Fortune

Thnx dude I'm glad you like it!

I sure have, really like his stuff! Maybe I should do a post about him though just in case someone else has missed :)

2010-12-15 @ 03:49:09
Postat av: Vanessa

Häftig blogg! Hur ofta brukar du uppdatera den?

2011-07-10 @ 23:43:45


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