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Dèmoni (Demons), (1985)
Basically a bunch of people get free tickets, from a very weird looking guy, to go see a new untitled movie. No one knows what kind of movie it is or even recognizes the name of the theatre, but hey, everyone loves free stuff so what the heck! When everyone has been seated the movie starts, a horror movie of course, and after a little while all hell breaks loose. Just like in the movie.

An upbeat zombie movie, but with demons. Over the top acting, gore, demons and some more gore accompanied by bad 80's rock music, what more can you ask for? Dèmoni is an 88min long cheese fest made of awesome! It's pure and fun entertainment with lots of memorable moments and even though a lot of stuff might not even make sense, it doesn't have to. Watch it! 

Sword + dirt bike =//

Postat av: Darius

fresh is so fresh , excitingggggg

2010-06-27 @ 16:41:12
Postat av: vargen

Det bästa med filmen tycker jag var soundtracket xD

2010-06-28 @ 16:43:45


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