I've been running through the night, with you on my mind

It's breakfast time and todays special is some funky beats with a bit of an 80's touch à la swedish Neon workout, have a listen:

Thomastic and Helene - Gun in your pocket (Neon Workout's Burrito RMX) by Neon Workout
If you're into it you can get some mixes and stuff for free here, and also don't forget to visit his myspace.

Peace out yo//

Postat av: Neon Workout

Tack för denna fina post !

2010-07-01 @ 01:30:38
URL: http://neontraxx.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Rex Fortune

lugnt dude, du förtjänar den!

2010-07-01 @ 04:16:58
URL: http://ifyoureintoit.blogg.se/


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