You gotta work out

Killer workout aka. Aerobicide

Rhonda is the quite grumpy owner of a gym. All of the sudden someone starts murdering off her poor leotard-wearing customers. Luckily the police doesn't close down the gym, ever, so all them living girls can continue with their workouts as normal. And these girls, oh wow, they are so very brave. Seriously, one by one they're getting murdered but still they manage to go on with their aerobics, always with a smile, now thats admirable. So anyways, who may this mysterious killer be and what motives drives him/her/it to do all this..?

If girls in leotards doing aerobics, murders, random fistfights, more leotards and some more aerobics is your cup of tea, then you'll be totally into Killer workout! (Supercheesy soundtrack included)
This movie also contains what must be the scariest murderweapon of all time, a giant... safety pin! ehrm.
It's obviously made with a very small budget (guess they spent it all on leotards) but you can tell that the director, David A. Prior, worked really hard on this movie. He managed to get at least a little bit of cleavage in pretty much every shot throughout the film. Very ambitious.
Anyway, go suit up into your leotard (yes this entry and this movie is all about leotards, and I know you all have at least one) and watch Killer workout!

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