The Boomzers
These two italian guys made a killer remix on FCKN CREW's discoke EP and now there out with an EP of their own, WTF!, and it's totally banging.
The EP features remixes from HAEZER, Ikki and Aerotronic.
The HAEZER remix is a frickin beast, have a listen:

Gogo and buy the EP now on beatport!

B-b-b-bonus: seriously, who would've ever thought that someone could make an awesome remix of something from 666? Who would even think about remixing 666? Why The Boomzers of course!:

666 - Alarma (The Boomzers Rmx) by The Boomzers
For more remixes and stuff visit The Boomzers on soundcloud.

Peace out//

Postat av: Karl


Jag tycker att dina mixtapes ar sjukt bra, och har sjalv varit lite intresserad av att forsoka pilla ihop nat, men jag har lite dalig koll pa vad for program man bor anvanda. Vad anvander du nar du mixar?

2010-10-07 @ 12:43:56


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