I know this style. It's my style.

Imagine someone gave a 13year old boy the script to Rambo and told him to rewrite that sucker. Then add a fistfull of steroids on top and tadaa, Deadly prey, (1987) is what you get!
A group of mercenaries are having their, highly questionable, training in the woods outside of L.A. They abduct random people off L.A.'s streets to serve as runners, which they hunt down and kill. Superb way to train brutal mercenaries vs. defenseless civilians, don't you think? But one day they capture the wrong guy, Mike Danton, who happens to be an ex-marine. Imagine Rambo with a blonde mullet and shortshorts, now that's someone you do not fuck around with.

Deadly prey is superviolent, supercheesy and most of all it's extremely awesome and entertaining! Check out this trailer and tell me how anyone could not like this:
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best ever!

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