Almost time!

Just in case anyone have happened to have miss or, lord have mercy, forgotten about this amazing event, it's almost time! I'm super stressed out but too excited too care, been wanting to do this kind of event for as long as I can remember and now it's finally happening! ^^ Dj Herman can't be there because of personal reasons which is really sad, but instead we'll have the super talented Peet Neet! Be there or be square, not many of the limited 2-day tickets left so grab one while you can! At Nalen Klubb on friday us dj's will be pumping out the best italodisco to make you dance like never before and on saturday all of our amazing artists will perform (and also some dj'ing from all of us that night as well!) for only 375sek you get entry both days and for 295sek just saturday,
buy your tickets here .
You can also look good and support us at the same time by buying one of our awesome t-shirts

...or you can just like us on facebook
more info about the event here
Hope to see you all at Nalen, gonna be a frickin awesome weekend of awesomeness! ^^
Over and out// Discokatze/Sadomasodisco <3

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Good luck!

Svar: a bit late, but thank you! I think it all went well !
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2014-02-13 @ 19:48:39


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