Slice me nice - business classy glamour party

for you who can't wait until may; I've recieved the honour to dj at
slice me nice - business classy glamour party the 21st of feb at nalen club, superexcited! ^^ it's gonna be a glamouros evening in pure yuppie spirit and I'll make sure to play some fantastic italo as well as some awesome space ofc so make sure not to miss out! here's an old mix to get you excited, wether it's for 
Slice me nice , STHLM ITALO DISCO PARTY -15 or well, just getting excited and dancing around at home! ^^ hope you're into it:
you're my disco mixtape (if you like it you still have a chance to download it! :))
hope to see you there! ^^ <3

Postat av: David

Din mixtape var awesome...adda mig på facebook? :)

Svar: tack kul att höra! uhm kan inte adda någon jag inte vet vem det är, tror det finns en hel del david osv. :)
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2015-04-12 @ 22:48:38


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